We do not accept health insurance to cover costs that come with these beneficial IV vitamin infusion and Temple IV Drip is aware of the concerns that might arise as a result of the cost associated with vitamin infusion treatments. As a result of being sensitive to the financial implications of these high-quality infusions, prices have been provided at a discounted rate in order to bring these treatments to the Temple community and surrounding areas. Temple IV drip will accept HSA and FSA payments, and major credit cards as well as provide detailed super bills upon request so as to allow you make claims to your insurance companies.

Temple IV drip will work with patients who have limited resources and are in dire need of vitamin infusion therapy and testing, to achieve optimum health through a payment plan system if requested.

IV Vitamin Drips

The Immunity drip


Chemotherapy recovery drip


The Weight loss Drip


The Skin glow Drip 


The Vitality Drip  


Recovery Drip 


Headache relief drip (Similar to hangover)


Cold and Flu Drip


NAD Drip


My Wellness Drip


The detoxifying drip


The Performer Drip


Myers Cocktail


The Mellow Drip 


Hangover drip


Pain Killer Drip


The Hydration Drip


Iron deficiency anemia (IDA)

IDA is well known and the most common nutrient deficiency that affects people around the world. Temple IV drip is happy to offer iron infusions to clients who have problems with low hemoglobin levels. Iron deficiency anemia can result in fatigue, hair loss, shortness of breath, pale skin, dry skin, headaches, dizziness and other symptoms. Iron Replenish Drip infusion will require at least basic labs to check hemoglobin which is included in the cost of the Iron infusion drip. A more thorough Anemia panel is also available at additional cost to further investigate causes of anemia and includes additional testing that will be required for correction. Multiple treatment will be required to address the deficiency. These costs may be covered by insurance, and clients will be provided with a superbill to get reimbursement from their insurance provider.

Iron Replenish Drip


Anemia Panel work-up


Micronutrient Testing

Cost – $500

(Includes consultation for result interpretation)

Vitamin Shots

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