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The future of wellness. Intravenous (IV) nutrition therapy makes vitamins and nutrients 100% bioavailable to your cells.

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Micronutrient Testing

Here at Temple IV drip, we highly recommend comprehensive testing to assist us personalize your IV treatments. Micronutrient deficiencies will diminish immune response increasing the bodies risk for infection and delaying recovery. Micronutrient testing helps us narrow down your treatment plan to specifics and increase outcome of vitamin and nutrient infusions. Micronutrient testing comes with a customized therapy plan, tailored to your micronutrient needs. See details below for more information on how Micronutrient testing can improve your outcome for a better you.

Iron deficiency anemia (IDA)

IDA is well known and the most common nutrient deficiency that affects people around the world. Temple IV drip is happy to offer iron infusions to clients who have problems with low hemoglobin levels. Iron deficiency anemia can result in fatigue, hair loss, shortness of breath, pale skin, dry skin, headaches, dizziness and other symptoms. Iron Replenish Drip infusion will require at least basic labs to check hemoglobin which is included in the cost of the Iron infusion drip. A more thorough Anemia panel is also available at additional cost to further investigate causes of anemia and includes additional testing that will be required for correction. Multiple treatment will be required to address the deficiency. These costs may be covered by insurance, and clients will be provided with a superbill to get reimbursement from their insurance provider.

Single Dose

100mg – $250 | 200mg – $400

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Iron Replenish Package

6 doses for $1200 – $1920

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Medically ManagedWeight Loss

One of our many options is guaranteed to provide you with the results you desire. Our board certified health and wellness coach is readily available to walk with you through this journey and celebrate your results. Our program entails monthly visits with measurements. All our programs include monthly visits, medications and all supplies. Labs required prior to starting our program.


$450/month for doses up to 7.5 mg OR $130/week, $1200 for 3 months

Double agonist – Glucose-peptide (GLP) 1 receptor agonist and glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide (GIP)


$330 /month for doses up to 1 mg OR $100/week, $900 for 3 months

Glucose Like Peptide 1 receptor agonist Works by keeping you full, reducing appetite and cravings. Side effects include nausea, bloating, constipation. We will work with you to minimize or eliminate these side effects. Avoid if family history of Medullary Thyroid Carinoma (MTC), multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome (MEN 2) and history of allergic reaction to semaglutide or tirzepatide.

Lipo plus

$150/ 10 doses plus ship

Liquid lipo

$59.99/ month supply – Sublingual spray that contains the oral components of the lipo shots. Works by suppressing appetite and increases metabolism

Buprenorphine / Naltrexone

$200/month – Oral medication option to get you to your goal.


Glutathione – $250/ 6000 mg vial plus shipping
NAD+ 200 mg – $350/ 1000mg vial

Lab Testing

Save some money and pay out of pocket for your labs. Health care provider will explain results at no additional charge. Labs are required prior to enrolling in our weight loss program.

Lipid Panel
Iron Panel (CBC, Fe, TIBC, Iron, Trans)
Weight Loss Panel
Hormone Panel
Thyroid Panel
Annual Comprehensive Lab


Membership Pricing

Silver Dripper

$99 month

Single vitamin drip of choice

5% discount on all products

You will save $41

10% off consultation

Gold Dripper

$149 month

Any vitamin of choice. B12 or lipostat shot

10% discount on all products

You will save $66

20% off consultation

Platinum Dripper

$299 month

Any 2 vitamin drip of choice + B12 shot and any other vitamin shots

10% discount on all products

You will save $151

25% off consultation

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Carmen Figueroa
Carmen Figueroa
100% recommended
Dr. Josy
Dr. Josy
NP Omomen is AWESOME! She really cares about her patients. I called her as I was not feeling well, she was getting ready to close, I advised her I lived 35 minutes away, she told me to still come and would see me after hours. She put everything on hold to care for me. Immediately after my infusion I felt better. Thank you so much NP Omomen. I highly recommend her and her services. Will definitely be returning back!! Josy Conner
Liz Sexton
Liz Sexton
This place is amazing! I can’t stress this enough! I live in Arizona and found this place for my sister who contracted covid. Marilyn Omomen went above and beyond to help my sister. She actually cares! My sister started feeling so much better after getting the IV infusion. My sister will continue to go there as a result even if she’s afraid of needles. Marilyn just makes you feel like you are in good hands.
My mother has a condition that conventional doctors have yet to figure out. The only thing we do know is that the saline & magnesium drips she was on while in the ER surely helped. Shortly after being released from the hospital, my mom was feeling very low, and felt certain she was going to die. Marilyn from Temple IV was there to take our call and get us in early, that day. I told her about saline and magnesium, and she didn't push us to do anything else. It was only after my mom was hooked up that i asked a few additional questions, and without pressure she recommended an additional drip that could help. She even talked us out of visiting the next day for another drip until we saw the results of the one my mother just had with her. Honesty, and professionalism is what you'll receive with this establishment.
Suzanna Bledsoe
Suzanna Bledsoe
Great experience, and so excited to see Temple open up an IV bar! I have deep veins and always have problems at the doctors office... But Marilyn was super patient and took her time making sure she found the right spot and that everything was comfortable. Will certainly be returning!
Teesha Bruten
Teesha Bruten
Marilyn was very professional the atmosphere was relaxing and establishment was very clean I look forward to my next appointment
Christy Robertson
Christy Robertson
Temple IV Drip goes above and beyond.


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