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Payments: Insurance, HSA and FSA
Health Savings Accounts (HSA), Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) Insurance Billing and Reimbursements

Temple IV Drip always strives to keep your “out of pocket” costs down. For this reason we have the following options:


HSA and FSA accounts:

For the most part, most FSA and HSA plans qualify as a form of payment for your IV Treatments (not applicable for “cosmetic/vanity” treatments).  If you have a debit card for your FSA or HSA plan, we can usually charge it directly. We also provide you with an itemized Superbill which is a specialized receipt which includes the medical diagnosis and procedure codes applicable for your treatment in case you need to be reimbursed indirectly by your plan. The advantage is that you will be paying with pre-tax money which is already designated for medical spending.

Superbill Receipt


We charge the amount for your treatment upfront and we can generate a Superbill for you upon request. This is a specialized receipt which includes the medical diagnosis and procedure codes your insurance will need from you to reimburse you for what you paid us at the time of your service. Use the Superbill to fill out the 1 page reimbursement form your insurance has available on their website.

Here are some links for certain insurance’s reimbursement forms

Temple IV Drip will not bill Medicare, Medicaid, or any insurance for IV vitamin infusions that are considered vanity/cosmetic in nature. There is also no guarantee that payments made with FSA or HSA cards will be reimbursed. There is also no guarantee that costs endured will be reimbursed by service provider even though Superbill is furnished to clients.

Insurance Billing

We are currently an Out-of-Network provider for all insurance providers but we are working towards being In-Network. In the future, Temple IV Drip hopes to directly bill insurance companies for qualified cases with valid symptoms and medical conditions such as fatigue, insomnia, malabsorption secondary to bariatric surgery, IBS, chrons, post chemotherapy and radiation fatigue, post chemotherapy anemia, iron deficiency anemia, etc.


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